Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rigid linear led strip light

Oled Led lighting application

 Oled -  Organic Light Emitting Diodes thin film led emit light  flexible and transparent . OLEDs emit beautiful soft diffused light apply to many applications and innovative design beyond comprehensive.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

juan valdez cafe - The Intermark Kuala Lumpur

 Led warm white 3000K  striplight and no spill light from black spotlight for accent lighting

Monday, January 2, 2012

Berjaya Hills Resort - Custom Pendant lights

Berjaya Hills resorts newly  renovated with french design at the castle " The Chateau"  with cozy atshomphere ambience enviroment soothing lighting level.
with custom made pendant light at the entrance lobby area.

LED general lighting and others LED task lighting such as LED table lamp -for energy saving which is the dream project by founder of Berjaya Group Corporation.

More review by The Peak

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Luminaires - Class of Protection

Luminaires are divided into three classes of protection according to the protective measures taken against electric shock.

  • Class I : Touch-accessible metal components connected to the protective conductor. The protective conductor terminal is indicated by a symbol. 
  • Class II : Live components are provided with additional protective insulation. Connection to the protective conductor is not allowed.
  • Class III : Luminaires operated on safety extra-low voltages (<42V) that pose no danger to human beings.

Degrees of protection IP

The mechanical design of luminaires must be such that they are adequately protected against the ingress of foreign bodies and moisture. the degree of protection is indicated by the IP numbering system."Ingress Protection"

The first numeral indicates the degree of protection against foreign bodies, the second numeral protection is against water.

An IP 20 luminaires , for example , is protected against the ingress of foreign bodies >12mm (2).but not against moisture (0).

A luminaire designed for use in damp interiors,with a degree of protection of  IP 65 is protected against dust (6) and against jets of water (5).

Quality features in lighting

Like occupational and recreational activities such as reading a book, assembling miniature electronice components,doing techinial drawings,running colour checks in a printing works etc. visual tasks vary in their requirments.

These visual task determine the demands to be made on the lighting system.
Careful planning and execution are prerequisites for artificial lighting of good good quality .Here is what specific "quality features"determine:-
  • the lighting level- the brightness
  • glare limitation - undisturbed vision with neither direct nor refleted glare.
  • harmonious distribution of brightness- an even balance of luminance.(brightness)
  • the light colour - the color appearance of lamps, and in combination with
  • colour rendering- the correct recognition and differentiation of colours, and room ambience,
  • the direction of light and
  • modelling - the recognition of three-dimensional forms and surface textures
Depending on the use and appearance of a room, these "quality features" an be given differing weightings, The stress maybe on :
  • visual performance by adjusting the lighting level and glare limitation,
  • visual comfort by colour rendering and harmonious brightness distribution,
  • the visual ambiance by selection of light colour, lighting direction and modelling.